Conference of Chairmen discuses and adopts the Three-Week Work Calendar

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Tirana, February 8 2011 NOA – Presided over by the Speaker, Jozefina Topalli, Conference of the Chairmen convened with the participation of the Chairman of the DP Parliamentary Group, Astrit Patozi, the Chairman of the SMI party Parliamentary Group, Lefter Koka, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Adrian Turku, the chairmen of the parliamentary committees, Legal Issues, Public Administration of Human Rights Committee, Ilir Rusmali, National Security Committee, Leonard Demi, Foreign Affairs Committee, Fatos Beja, the Chairman of Economy and Finance Committee, Edmond Spaho, and the Chairman of Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee, Jemin Gjana.

The Conference of the Chairman discussed and unanimously adopted the Three-Week Work Calendar (7– 24 February 2011).