Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile enable the participation of 20 intellectual women in the 10th assembly of albanian women in Brussels

Tirana, April 19, 2011 NOA - Cultural Foundation “Nermin Vlora Falaschi” with the support of Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile has enabled the participation of 20 intellectual delegates in the 10th Assembly of intellectual Albanian women in Brussels on 18 April 2011.

On 10th Assembly was attended by approximately 400 Albanian women coming from 15 different countries such as Montenegro, Kosovo, Presevo, Macedonia, Germany, England and Brussels. The event was attended by First Lady Teuta Topi, the main supporter of this foundation, Mr. Ilir Tepelena, the Albanian Ambassador to Brussels, Mrs. Mimoza Halimi, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to the Permanent Mission to EU and representatives of companies Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile. Meanwhile, the assembly was welcomed by Ms. Zenepe Luka, President of the Foundation “Nermin Vlora Falaschi”. Some of the intellectual women of the assembly participants were the artists Tinka Kurti, Margarita Xhepa, Roza Anagnosti, Drita Pelinku, Vitore Sallaku, Irini Qirijako, Tefta Radi, etc.. This event is organized on the day of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Nermin Vlora, the Ambassador of the Nation.

The previous 9 assemblies were organized in different locations like Pristina, Skopje, Calabria, Ulcinj, Istanbul, Prizren, Hajdelberg and Presevo. The representative of the Association of Intellectual Women in England, Lida Rragami, made the invitation to the next assembly to be held in England. After the activity, Albanian Mission to EU held a reception for all the participants, where the singers Irini Qirjako and Ludmilla Baballëku performed live.

Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile have paid a special attention to women and the activities on festive occasions. On 8 March, in Women's Day, in honor of these women two companies organized a cocktail where Mrs. Teuta Topi was also present.