Mobile number portability, Eagle Mobile the most preferred operator

Eagle Mobile continues to be a significant leader in the race for Mobile Number Portability service. From the launch of this service in May until now, some 5 thousand subscribers have ported in Eagle still maintaining their numbers. 4 months after the launch of Number Portability Service, Eagle Mobile results to be the most preferred operator from the users of this service with a considerable difference of thousands of subscribers in comparison with other operators in the Albanian mobile telephony market.

MNP Service has remarkably revived competition in Mobile Telephony Market in Albania, causing thousands of users of this telephony to prefer the most attractive operator for its offers, quality, and variety of services.

The qualitative services and attractive offers of this operator have encouraged many people to change their Mobile Service Provider without changing their numbers.

Eagle Mobile keeps playing an important and active role in increasing competition in mobile telephony market in Albania by bringing new services and consistently searching new ways for providing important services like 3G and MNP to Albanian users. Eagle has continuously stressed that the main beneficiary of these services will be the Albanian Customer.

Eagle Mobile thanking all the newly subscribers who preferred benefiting from the services of this operator, welcomes everyone who wants to keep their number unchanged, and guarantees these users that they will find a world full of colors with very convenient offers and services.