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Future business leaders meet Anegino

Future business leaders meet Anegino

In the premises of the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, this time a different meeting was held. No more lectures filled with numbers, figures and calculations. It was Anegino who unvield face to face with the students of this faculty its activity. No fewer than 58 job applications are submitted on the official website of Anegino. While the event was attended by about 65 people who recieved detailed information about anegino, on how to complete a Curiculum Vitae on this broad portal.

Onur Polat, the project leader presented Anegino’s activity from the employer’s point of view. He explained in detail the importance of the correct completion of each applicant’s resume. During his presentation in front of an audience made up by professors and students, Polat said:
"The curriculum vitae is like the make-up for a woman. If you do not have one it doesn’t mean that you are not professional, but having it makes you visible, and different. Employers are interested in the facts that the applicants submit on their CVs and not the thoughts that you might have."

Edona Bilali, professor of human resources at the Faculty of Economics, says:
"Information about Anegino and the way of being part of it is very important for students of the economics’ faculty. Since the Anegino’s portal is complete, not only helps them to fill the CVs, but also advising them how to become a candidate for winning the job position where they applied."

Florida is a future leader of business. She claimes to have heard about Anegino. Today she is satisfied that there is likely face to face with the project leader and has the possibility to recieve the most accurate information. "I think it is a good opportunity which can help us find a job" says Florida, meanwhile she keeps taking notes about Anegino.

Anegino is a recruitment platform which operates across the country. Through Anegino, businesses have the opportunity to find the right staff, and in turn jobseekers find the right job within a short time.