Facebook, now free in your mobile

Vodafone Albania, the only Albanian provider to offer Facebook Zero – the free version of Facebook mobile

Versioni shqip

Did you ever wonder that there is a way you could have instant access to Facebook from your mobile phone at zero cost?

Now this is possible and is being offered exclusively by Vodafone Albania.

All Vodafone Albania subscribers now have the opportunity to use “Facebook Zero” - a lightweight, text-only version of Facebook, absolutely free.

Any Vodafone user can visit “0.facebook.com” through the mobile browser and get charge-free access to the most popular Facebook services like status updates, comments, messages and much more.

The users still have the opportunity to view photos and external links, but these services shall be charged with standard internet rates and due notification shall be given when accessing chargeable links.

Vodafone wishes you a joyful summer… full of Facebook!

Versioni shqip