PM Berisha congratulates high school pupil Bekime Rexha on her 18-th birthday

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Tirana, January 31, 2011 NOA - Prime Minister Sali Berisha congratulated today in person the high school pupil Bekime Rexha on her 18-th birthday. Miss Rexha suffered acts of violence by some of the January 21 demonstrators at one of the main boulevards of Tirana.

Wishing Bekime a long life, PM Berisha said he is attending this celebration of the Rexha family not only to express his congratulations on this occasion, but also to highlight the fact that Bekime’s fellow pupils consider the barbarous act of violence on Bekime as violence on them. “I came here to share with you the joy of Bekime’s birthday and to wish her on behalf of my family a lot of happiness, good luck and good health, success and a long life. Also I came here on behalf of all Albanian pupils, all Bekime’s fellow pupils who lived through the barbarous act against Bekime as an act of violence exerted on them,” said the prime minister.

Further on, the prime minister said that following Bekime event, he got hundreds of messages from high school pupils from Gjirokastra, Mallakastra, Vlora, Hasi, Kukësi, and all over Albania expressing their strong protest against the ugly act that a criminal committed in one of the main boulevards of the capital. “All have demanded that the government makes the utmost for identifying and bringing the perpetrator to justice. Hence, I come here to express once again the most cordial wishes of all the country pupils and I also believe that every parent taking his child to school also joins in the happiness of your family,” said the prime minister.

Addressing Bekime, PM Berisha said: May you live to become 120 years, may you be happy and enjoy the life you deserve. While the ones who deal blows against our blessed children will get the proper legal punishment.”

Further on, the prime minister said that the school and education of our children are the top priority of this government and the ones who attempt to burn their future are hopeless. “We look toward the future, the building of values and what we can do is to fulfill your dream and build Albania in line with what you have in your mind, heart, spirit and which you fully deserve,” said the prime minister.

PM Berisha and his spouse Liri Berisha gave a bunch of flowers and a computer to Bekime as a birthday present.

On his part, Bekime’s father said he was proud of his daughter who on that day expressed openly her conviction because, as he put it, we live in a democratic state moving toward Europe and not toward communism and agricultural cooperatives.