Berisha meets US, EU and OSCE ambassadors

Tirana, May 16, 2011 NOA - Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today the Ambassador of the United States of America Alexander Arvizu, the Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth and the Head of the European Union Delegation Ambassador Ettore Sequi.

During the meeting the interlocutors talked on the electoral process and the ballot counting process actually underway.

The ambassadors positively assessed the calm election process and welcomed the statements by the prime minister following the counting process in Tirana, which in the framework of a razor-thin margin result, the sides should show patience until official results are tabulated accurately by the Central Election Commission and announced expeditiously. They emphasized that such a stand assumes leadership and makes an important contribution in this stage of the process.

On his part, PM Berisha thanked the ambassadors for their valuable contribution made even through their personal commitment and of their staff as well on the Election Day and during the ballot counting process.

The prime minister emphasized that the ruling majority constantly sticks to the accurate counting of every vote the electors have cast and that the final result will reflect the will of the Albanian electors. PM Berisha emphasized that the announced results should carry every vote the electors have cast and it’s the job of the election administration to add true value and in a uniform way to every vote through which the electors have expressed their will in a crystal clear way.

PM Berisha expressed his trust that the relevant authorized institutions – with a clear mandate from the law- have done their job and will continuo to do so with the greatest accuracy and guaranteeing in this way the legitimacy of the final results. He said that at the end of the process the ruling majority will accept the certified results.

Likewise, the prime minister highlighted the fact that the ballot counting system reconfirmed, like in 2009, that the Albanian ballot counting system is based on full transparency, confidence of the sides and as a consequence it avoids any contest of the result. Berisha meets Parliamentary delegation from the Netherlands

The delegation from the Committee on European Affairs of the Parliament of the Netherlands on a visit to Albania, in the framework of a tour to countries of Western Balkans, was granted an audience today with Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The visit aims at making the members of the Parliamentary committee familiar with Albania, its policy and the main actors of the Albanian society, the social society included.

The prime minister thanked the delegation members for the support and assistance that the Dutch Parliament and government have provided Albania with in its democratization reforms.

The prime minister thanked specially the Netherlands for the historic decision of visa-free travel for the Albanian citizens. After highlighting the fact that the EU integration of the country is Albania top priority, PM Berisha said he considers EU integration as a process based on performance and merit.

PM Berisha acquainted the interlocutors with the reforms that the government of Albania has undertaken during the recent years for the political, economic and social integration of the country.

The prime minister spoke about the efforts to guarantee free and fair elections and emphasized that the general elections 2009 like the May 8 local elections were held in respect of the international standards, a consensual legal framework and they marked a big step forward toward the consolidation of the Western values.

Likewise, the prime minister highlighted the uncompromising struggle of the government of Albania against organized crime and corruption. Speaking about these issues, the prime minister emphasized that Albania is actually a safe country as compared to 2005 when the country was dominated by criminal gangs.

The prime minister emphasized that the government of Albania fight against corruption is based on reforms and punishment and listed a series of reforms undertaken in the public administration, expenditure of the public funds, procurement procedures, business registration and the results that blows to the corruption phenomena have yielded.

Likewise, the prime minister emphasized that Albania is a country of great economic potentials and the Dutch direct investments would be success stories. He assured them of the government of Albania full support to the Dutch investments.

During the talks the interlocutors discussed on several important issues related to the European integration of the country, meeting of the EU standards and the country modernization.