OSCE-US-EU: We expect both sides to exercise self-restraint

Tirana, May 16, 2011 NOA - The Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth, the Ambassador of the United States of America Alexander Arvizu, and the Head of the European Union Delegation Ambassador Ettore Sequi stated jointly:

More than one week has passed since large numbers of voters in Tirana cast their ballots for Mayor on 8 May.

Citizens want and deserve clarity regarding the election outcome.

It is essential that the provisional official results be tabulated accurately by the Central Election Commission and announced expeditiously.

In addition, it is highly important that the procedures for resolving competing claims be spelled out clearly and that they be fully consistent with Albanian legal provisions, including the Electoral Code.

We expect both sides to exercise self-restraint and to fully respect the democratic process.